Personal Investigations

Accident Investigations

Need photographs, statements, measurements, diagrams, schematics, opinions, conclusions, reenactments and/or reporting?  We've got you covered from basic documentation to in-depth, independent investigations.

Asset Investigations

Personal Investigations provides the necessary information to assist with evaluating whether or not it would be worthwhile to pursue an expensive litigation process against a potential civil defendant or provides the necessary data to collect on your legal judgments.  Finding property, vehicles, bank accounts, living wills, trusts, safe deposit boxes, brokerage accounts and offshore bank accounts.  Personal Investigations utilizes only the most experienced, reputable and reliable resources in the industry in order to assist your legal counsel.

Background Investigations

Do you have the need to learn more about an individual or a business?  Do you want to make an informed decision before you invest your money, welfare or life with someone?  Here's a list of typical background Information, which may be available or necessary to determine:

Bankruptcy Records
Businesses Owned
Corporate Affiliations
Criminal & Civil Records
Driving Records
Education & Degrees
Employment Verifications
FAA Registrations
Liens & Judgments
Military Records
Professional Licenses
Property Deeds & Titles
Tax Assessor Records
Telephone Name & Address Searches
Witness Statements

Countermeasure Services

Worried about the increasing competitive business climate?  Perhaps just an unwanted violator or intruder?  At Personal Investigations procedures are constantly undergoing revisions to counter innovations in surrepetitious eavesdropping technology & methods.  Our countermeasure sweeps include detection, analysis and physical inspection for each or any of the following:  Telecommunication Systems, Radio Frequency Spectrum, Infra-Red, Microwave, Hidden Video, GPS Transmitting Devices as well as Smart Phone Bug Detection & Spyware.  Personal Investigations has provided countermeasure services to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Locate Investigations

Whether you are looking to locate a judgment debtor or witness.  A biological parent or child.  A long lost love or adversary.  Whether it's as serious as a wanted criminal or missing person.  Or, simply just to know that someone is still alive.  Personal Investigations provides information at your request.

Protection Services

Personal protection and private security services are available by Personal Investigations.  Providing protection to the corporate, entertainment and private communities.

Receivership and Recovery Cases

Personal Investigations has extensive experience with assisting court appointed receivers in the execution phase of securing property, equipment and various other assets including hard assets, on behalf of creditors.  Several instances involved some of the most elaborate repossession procedures which subsequently required sophisticated high tech tracking, monitoring and surveillance techniques in order to secure and recover the essential assets.

Service of Process

When effecting Service of Process is critical, urgent and/or a person or persons is evasive, we utilize the appropriate procedures to get the job done.

Specialty Investigations

With regards to today's ever growing digital and wireless world, cyber crimes are presenting an enormous threat to all of our daily lives.  Personal Investigations can not only solve these crimes, we can provide threat analysis, risk assessment and future prevention.  Other white collar criminal cases require intense undercover strategizing, planning, implementation and execution.  Some cases require forensic and biological procedures.  All of our sources are the most well renowned in each of their respective fields and industries.


Paul M. Fronterhouse is an industry leading specialist in the field of sub rosa and has been conducting full time surveillance cases since 1987, working on behalf of some of the largest and most prestigious law firms, corporations and insurance companies.  In addition, has provided services to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, worked cases in conjunction with various law enforcement agencies including the FBI and had involvement on numerous high profile cases.  With a career spanning over the past four (4) decades the result is an enormous array of experience and success on cases ranging from adolescent misconduct, child abduction, child custody, child recovery, coercion, corporate espionage, disability, elderly abuse, embezzlement, fraud, grand larceny, homicide, infidelity, kidnapping, liability, malfeasance, medical malpractice, missing persons, patent infringement, personal injury, personal protection, polygamy, prostitution, racketeering, rape, robbery, sexual harassment, stalking, theft, workers' compensation, wrongful death, wrongful termination, as well as cult and various other types of cases.